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#9: Problems make you happy.

Some of the most important truths in life don’t make sense on the surface, but once you get beneath it, the world will never look the same.

I noticed this the first time I fell in love. There was a girl in my high school class I liked a lot. Shoulder-long, brown hair, beautiful face, a heart-melting laugh, and eyes I could’ve stared into forever, or at least until the bell announced the next algebra session.

Like most high school kids, I thought I just needed to be nice and loving for her to reciprocate my feelings. Spoiler: It didn’t…

…but repel them instead.

Attraction is a tough topic.

Men and women both sometimes go to ridiculous lengths to woo potential partners. But well-meant isn’t always well-done, as overinflated lips and guys posing in front of rented Lamborghinis show.

I know what it’s like. I tried to be the “alpha” guy for years until I realized the very behaviors I thought made me attractive turned me into the sexual equivalent of stale goulash soup. But men aren’t the only ones selling themselves out.

Both sexes do stupid things to be more attractive, but as a man who’s spent a few years of his life…

Lessons from hitting rock-bottom.

Two years ago, I was in a dark place. Mindless and pointless distractions ate away most of my time. A toxic relationship and negative friends held me back and sucked the energy out of me. I studied something I didn’t enjoy and had no idea what to do with my life.

Today, I’m earning money with what I’m passionate about. I’m in a healthy relationship with an incredibly supportive woman who checks most of the boxes. The toxic friends who once wreaked havoc in my life do so no longer. I know who I am, I’ve got a clear trajectory…

How to fight the chaos and take control of your days

I almost broke my neck this morning. I woke up to the lovely sounds of birds during mating season, amplified through a powerful phone speaker. Morning-me is a lazy piece of shit and doesn’t have his snoozing behavior under control. Evening-me knows that and puts the phone out of reach so I have to get up.

I slowly pulled my arm out from under my sleeping girlfriend’s head with the precision of a heart surgeon, then set out to silence the birds advertising their sexual finesse. I didn’t get far, though.

On my second step, I tripped over my girlfriend’s…

What you can learn from Confucius’ age-old wisdom.

Imagine you had a second life — not by starting all over again, but by having a second you running around, free to do whatever they wished.

What would you do? Rob a bank? Travel for half a year? Start that business you always dreamt of? Take a few hits of acid or snort a line of coke just to see what happens?

You only live once — but you’ve got a second life.

It’s the one you live in your imagination, in your daydreams, in the video games you play, books you read, and movies you watch. You imagine…

The biggest lesson I learned from growing plants.

I was eight years old when I first witnessed the miracle of life.

My class went on a forest trip and instead of being the obedient pupil my teacher hoped for, I set out on my own adventure. The detention was well worth it because I found a treasure invaluable to an eight-year-old — a pile of organic trash someone had dumped amidst the trees.

Next to empty eggshells, half-eaten grapefruits, and the lord of the flies, there was an emaciated cactus, which I carefully tucked in my bag.

Back at home, my grandma and I put the plant into…

16 questions to turn small talk into big talk

Meeting new people can be lots of fun — but it can also be your worst nightmare if you’re neither good at small talk nor the natural-born life of the party.

Even if you’re the talkative type, after a bunch of lockdowns and Covid-caused isolation, your social skills are like an old key — rusty and hard to open new doors with.

However, holding a conversation with somebody is a piece of cake if you can make them interested in you. But how can you do that? …

The Cynefin framework will help you through any trouble.

Your brain is hardwired to never run out of problems.

Every time you solve them and celebrate, the grey matter between your ears moves the goalposts — you’re back on the treadmill. This continuous struggle keeps you going every day and advancing humanity as a species.

Thanks, evolution. Wasn’t there a better way than perpetual worry and dissatisfaction?

Problems often suck. Nobody likes to have a dumb boss, a minus in front of their bank balance, or someone taking a shit in front of their door. Just trust me on that last one.

Often, these issues are hard to solve…

How I read 20 non-fiction books per year

Reading has enabled humanity to ascend from primitive tribes to the highly developed and connected species we are today.

We’ve come a long way from hieroglyphs on papyrus and the invention of the Gutenberg press to the six million kindle ebooks that are now available with a single finger tap.

This means six million opportunities for you.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

— Joseph Addison

Not only does it make you smarter but also live longer, which means you can be the know-it-all grandparent until old age. …

Book your first win before you quit.

Juggling has changed my life. Not because I’ve always wanted to become a circus clown, but because it has significantly improved my productivity at work.

The repetitive up and down of colorful balls is perfect to relax and refocus during breaks. It’s engaging enough to keep my mind from ruminating yet doesn’t take up too much mental capacity. But it wasn’t always this way.

When I started, my balls were all over the place — it felt like a wild orgy, minus the fun. One even got lost in my friend’s handbag for weeks. …

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