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Some of the most important truths in life don’t make sense on the surface, but once you get beneath it, the world will never look the same.

I noticed this the first time I fell in love. There was a girl in my high school class I liked a lot…

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Attraction is a tough topic.

Men and women both sometimes go to ridiculous lengths to woo potential partners. But well-meant isn’t always well-done, as overinflated lips and guys posing in front of rented Lamborghinis show.

I know what it’s like. I tried to be the “alpha” guy for years until…

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Two years ago, I was in a dark place. Mindless and pointless distractions ate away most of my time. A toxic relationship and negative friends held me back and sucked the energy out of me. …

Life’s too short to spend it with the wrong people.

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Connecting with the wrong people is like buying a juicy chocolate-chip cookie that turns into a dried-out oatmeal-raisin one when you bite into it.

In the best case, pouring your heart and soul into a connection that didn’t deserve them leaves you frustrated, drained, and with an important lesson. In…

Every second Monday, I publish the Authentic Man 5–3–1 Newsletter on Medium to help men become more authentic and live a more meaningful life.

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No-one you should care about cares about the shiny shit you buy. Stop trying to impress people who don’t matter.

Humans crave validation. Back in cavemen…

They’ll help you become the man you want to be.

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The right book is to a man’s potential what gasoline is to fire.

Although lifestyle magazines act like men only care about six-packs, fast cars, and “how to pick up more chicks brah,” many are open to more advanced and profound readings — but there’s a teeny-tiny problem.

According to…

Lessons from history’s most successful failures.

Failure and success aren’t opposites — they’re parts of the same journey. Success is the destination, failure is the path.

School teaches you green checkmarks equal wealth, red crosses mean a lifetime of low wages. Consequently, most men view failure as negative and associate it with insufficient skills and ability…

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The next time you apply for a job, skip the fancy resume and canned interview answers — just tell the recruiter you don’t use Internet Explorer.

If they’re as confused as you are right now, cite this study by Cornerstone OnDemand. By examining thousands of data points, the recruiting company…

#2: “I don’t have the necessary skills.”

If there’s one thing I learned from building my business and working as a life coach, it’s that people often stand in their own way when trying to reach their goals.

Telling yourself an excuse is easier than tackling the obstacle and getting your hands dirty like a 1950s coal…

Every second Friday, I send out the Authentic Man 5–3–1 Newsletter to help men become more authentic and live a more meaningful life.

5 Minutes | 3 Ideas, Quotes, and Questions | 1 Challenge


The goal isn’t to find the perfect time to do something, the goal is to make the most out of the imperfect moment you get.

A friend…

Moreno Zugaro

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