Alright, that makes sense.

Unfortunately I don’t know of any studies and a friend of mine who is a doctor and whom I just asked about this subject doesn’t know of any studies or timing effects either.

The only thing that comes to my mind is that as far as I know most of the positive effects from Omega 3s (e.g. reduced inflammation) occur when your body uses them as building blocks rather than when they are burned for energy production.

So anything that increases the likelihood of them being built into your cells would probably increase the effects. You could do so by causing an insuline spike from eating carbs when consuming your Omega 3s. That’s why I consume mine in the evening when I have had a large dinner.

But that’s just a thought of mine, if this effect is actually measurable (and how large it is) I don’t know, unfortunately.

Another question to you: I know this is rather difficult to answer as nootropics work on so many different levels and have different effects which all are hard to measure. But if I asked you to put a % number on how much nootropics have increased your mental performance, overall — what would it be? Just curious.

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