Hey Sinem, thanks for the detailed answer! I agree with point 1 and 3 — the digital native usual lead and older generations follow; and traffic will definitely help.

I am still not sure about about point no. 2 though — if I look at the way people present their content on FB vs. IG vs. TikTok, there is definitely a difference and also I suppose that the average time a user engages with a post on FB is longer than on IG (and that again is longer than on TikTok).

Nevertheless, you’re right and it can be a powerful tool to build your brand. I just have to decide if this would be the best use of my time at the moment. I have already read one of the linked articles, I’ll give the other one a go next and then see how I think about the whole TikTok thing.

Thanks for putting this information together, have a nice Sunday! :)

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