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Please don’t take my words as a personal attack, but rather as the pieces of wisdom I have regarding what you wrote about. I would like to give some constructive advice to people reading this and finding themselves in a similar situation.

If it smells like shit everywhere you go, you should have a look under your own shoe.

If you find yourself dating the same (shitty) type of guy or girl all the time, it’s probably not them. It’s you. Something about your behavior attracts them. Or at least you don’t catch on early enough to remove them from your dating life. Either way, you should have a look at yourself.

About giving and taking

Men assign more “points” to “big” things (like driving for hours to see someone or spending $200 at a restaurant). “Small” things (like a kiss on the forehead, a quick backrub or sharing your fries) score less “points”.

Women, however, roughly assign the same amount of “points”, whether what is done was a small or a big thing.

This is where a lot of misunderstandings happen — a man might give something he considers “big” and thinks he is clear for taking five small things. The woman might then give five small things and think the whole relationship of give and take is off balance.

Neither of them is right nor wrong — they are just different.

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I’m the guy who explains life and helps you find meaning & direction in yours. Men’s coach. Free beer: IG: morenozugaro

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