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I beg to differ here. In my opinion, you can’t really compare humans and animals in that area, because we humans are different in the way that we are aware of ourselves and can use abstract thinking to conjure up concepts like discipline. Dogs are moved by primal instincts such as hunger, thirst, reproduction, play, and so on.

If you were able to teach your dog that stretching and daily training would make him better at hunting and catching prey, he might want to “torture” himself and develop discipline as well. Put a treat down in front of your dog and tell him to sit, but not eat it — that’s when he has to be “disciplined.”

Building discipline and abstaining from certain temptations or pushing yourself to fight through hardships might not be natural. But then again, our world is not natural at all anymore — TV, high-calorie snacks, social media, public transport. If you rely on your natural instincts, you’ll be overweight and lethargic within a year, because we are hardwired to conserve energy and entertainment makes us feel good. That’s the reason why we have to resort to “unnatural” methods, because the natural ones won’t get you were you want to get.

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