That’s a great idea and it works especially well in synergy with another strategy I have developed for dealing with all the bits and pieces that usually go by the board.

You know, all of the small little things that you don’t have to do right now and that are not really worth getting up for. But if you don’t pay attention, they pile up and eventually come crushing down on you like an avalanche on an unsuspecting hiker in winter.

The Batch Strategy

I have a specific part of my To-Do-list called Batch, where I list all of the small things and tasks that don’t require immediate attention, but easily go by the board.

Then, when I have some free time, I put on some music and work through them one after another, like finishing off a batch. This usually happens once every couple of weeks.

This way you don’t have to interrupt your normal workflow all the time to sort out your old clothes or clean off your sneakers. Instead, you designate a period of time to working through all of these and finish them off one after another, without squeezing them in between other tasks and stressing yourself out because you always have them in the back of your head.

This is where your Life Admin Day comes in handy. When this day comes, you already have everything on your list, just waiting for you to work through it and, as you put it, get your shit together.

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I’m the guy who explains life and helps you find meaning & direction in yours. Men’s coach. Free beer: IG: morenozugaro

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