This definitely hit close to home.

For me, these types of questions and thoughts always make me wonder “Why?”

Why chase more, when as a kid you were happy with the little stuff you had?

Why try to optimize every second of your day when you could instead focus on being alive?

Why grind and squeeze out every last drop of productivity, when you could just have fun instead?

It’s a different world today and that’s not just because I look at my childhood through rose-colored glasses. Technology has changed the world we live in to an extent which we aren’t able to even try and grasp.

But it’s too late now. The process has started, the changes have and will come. And they are not necessarily making the world a worse place, just… a different one.

All we can do is to try and preserve some of what we and our world were when we were young.

Life was simple. Life was, as you put it, light.

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I’m the guy who explains life and helps you find meaning & direction in yours. Men’s coach. Free beer: IG: morenozugaro

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